Have the illegal campers gone?


September 6th 2018

A few days ago a local resident and dog walker saw the illegal campers leaving Cherry Orchard Nature reserve with their tent and rucksacks, approx seven or eight of them. They were camped near Duck Brook; the others who were camped near the model train field seem to have gone also.

We will keep an eye out and if they return then we shall go through the whole procedure again; we shouldn’t have to put up with having our local Queen Elizabeth II protected reserve ruined by these people.


Fires and vandalism 29/08/2018

Over the last few days there have been a number of men ( their English is not very good) who have set up an encampment on the Cherry Orchard Nature Reserve by the road next to the model railway on Waverley Street. They have started a fire and are getting louder as they drink more. They  are breaking branches from the trees to feed the fire.

There has been some rain recently but the Nature Reserve is still tinder dry. The fear is that the whole lot could easily go up in flames again. They are on the area where the slow worms are in abundance.

The problem has been reported to the City Council via their website; ref number TRB1728075. It remains to be seen if the Worcester City Council takes action?


There is a wealth of Flora and Fauna on Cherry Orchard Nature Reserve

  • The need for developing the newly designated nature reserve has been pointed out by a large number of Diglis residents. Ever since it was given protected status there have been a few improvements but the Diglis fields were given priority when it came to spending the money from the various housing developments around the Diglis area ( 106 monies ) and not much consideration was given to how the nature reserve could be improved: making the reserve wheelchair friendly, putting up bat boxes, bird nesting boxes and stopping the motorbikes from gaining access.

Saving land for nature and protecting it from development has to be the most effective emergency measure that could be taken against the tide of widespread destruction to our natural habitats, the need to spend some of the money designated to improving the Diglis area must now be spent on the Cherry Orchard Nature Reserve, to protect the flora and fauna.