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      Cllr Lynn Denham

      Following the suspension of the Saturday skip notice, City Council Officers have been undertaking a review of all sites across the City. Officers had serious concerns about some of the health and safety issues for staff and the public as rubbish is piled up inside walk-in skips.
      The review to date was presented to the Environment Committee on 23rd October 2018. A safe solution has not yet been identified but rest assured that Councillors are keen for Saturday skips to be restored as soon as possible. The report is available via this link (hopefully!)
      It is interesting that in the report, nearly all users of Waverley Street site are pedestrians. This is not true for all Saturday skip sites. By the way, the Waverley skip site is just over the boundary so it is in Battenhall Ward, rather than Cathedral Ward.

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      I have only had a quick glance at your reply Cllr. Denham but it seems to me that you are saying that we should be addressing our concerns to Councillor Louis Stephen/Councillor Louise Griffiths. Am I correct in this assumption?
      I am impressed with the speed of your reply though.

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        My name is Louis Stephen and I am one of the two councillors representing Battenhall ward where the Saturday morning skip is located. I too am keen to see the service returned. I contacted the MD of the council this morning and he is chasing this up for us. If we don’t get this sorted I fear we may see a lot more fly tipping. Lynn is right the service has been suspended for H&S reasons. One thing that must be said is that nearly all the material that goes into these skips goes to landfill without recycling so if at all possible if local residents have access to a car it is best to take items to the recycling centre on Bilford Road but accept that is a bit of pain to get to!
        All the best

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      Cllr Lynn Denham

      I am happy to speak up for Cathedral residents, who I know use the skip in Waverley Street. A number of Councillors are concerned about the suspension of the service. Council officers need to find a way to provide a safe sustainable service.

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      Let’s hope the lack of the monthly Saturday skip problem can be resolved as soon as possible.There are so many people in the Diglis area who are unable to get to the larger tips.
      It might be interesting to see just how many folk use the Diglis site,by asking them to turn up with a wheelbarrow(empty of course)on the next due Saturday!!!!!!Just a thought……

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      One only had to observe the activities on every third sat of the month to realize what a valuable service to the community has been lost. Many who used this service were OAP’s or had no transport to carry bulky waste to other skip facilities.Typical action by overpaid bean counters to penalize the general community in order to save a comparatively small sum. I am sure this will lead to yet more random fly-tipping which would have to be removed by the council in any case. Furthermore just what will be the fate of the site once cleared? Travelers immediately springs to mind and I am sure that the feeble gates will prove to be no obstacle to them. Remember the apprehension felt locally when they last camped there or the fear felt by the owner of the now defunct corner shop when they crowded his shop. Remember the mess left behind.

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      I take the point about recycling but the Diglis skip area would be far too small to turn into a recycling point.
      I would suggest that all rubbish that is allowed to be put into the skip would then be taken to the recycling point for Worcester and recycled there.

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        Some good points being made here.
        Be good if more people posted. This site was visited 99 times yesterday.Please post, as all your comments are read by Councillors who are keen to hear from you.
        This is a new format for .

        We’re on a steep learning curve.

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      Garden cuttings should be allowed, mainly because this household waste cannot be put into a black or green bin. I know you can order a brown bin but in my instance I have no where to store it, also I just can’t afford it.

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        Hi, is there any news regarding the closure/reopening of this facility? For what it’s worth I support keeping the skip where it has always been, it’s an asset for the community.

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          Would there be any chance of restoring this service over the Christmas period?

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      I’ve just heard on the grapevine that the owner of Cheeky Monkeys is in consultation with Worcester City Council regarding taking over the skip area for parking. As we know the skip area was considered as a overflow parking place to be used if the playground parking became over full; but they were still going to allow a skip there every third Saturday.
      It seems that there may be some backsliding going on and the owner of Cheeky Monkeys may have been given this space for their own use
      This is NOT right and all the residents of Cherry Orchard will not stand for this.

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      Well nothing seems to be happening with this new policy, is it all done and dusted???

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