Japanese Knotweed on Diglis Field

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Japanese Knotweed on Diglis Field

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      Hi has anyone noticed and contacted the council about the Japanese knotweed? Its in the hedge at the back of the field overlooking the road. There’s not much at the moment but I think the trick is to get on to it before it gets out of hand.
      I noticed it a while ago and haven’t looked since but meant to let you know.
      It needs a systemic weedkiller (rather than digging which can spread it). If you contact the council don’t let them take too long about it or it will be difficult to get rid of.

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      Thank you very much for this information Kaye, I must admit that this is new to me. Therefore, I haven’t informed the City Council but when we have a photograph of the weed then it will be sent to the appropriate authorities. Just let’s hope that they will take notice and spray the area you mentioned and stop it taking over the nature reserve and adjoining fields and of course the local residents gardens.

      By the way Kaye can you be more specific to its location? Is it to the north of the Diglis playing fields, near the stone circle or actually on the nature reserve?

      For those would like to know more about the damage that can be done by Japanese knot weed Click here .

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      I have had a look for this invasive weed but haven’t seen it yet. Would it still be recognisable at this time of year?

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