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      We have been hearing what sounds like metal poles or empty canisters being thrown around for the last few months. This noise lasts ’till late at night.
      Is this racket going to continue for much longer??

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      The noise is dreadful especially at night when I’m trying to get to sleep. The bangs and shouts are dreadful, this infringement is against my human rights!!

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      I’ve heard this noise and it’s getting me down. I try to get my children to sleep and the bright light from there shines into my younger daughters bedroom, with the noise and the light it’s almost impossible to get her to sleep.

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      The way the calor gas site was given planning permission stinks, it should be reported to the proper authorities.

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      I understand that the calor gas site did not adhere properly to the consultation procedures that planning demands; for example no nearby residents were consulted. I believe there may have been a notice stuck on the railing of the site but considering that calor gas are at the end of an industrial cul-de-sac where nobody from Diglis ever goes, simply because there is no reason to do so,it’s hardly surprising the residents were unaware of the very real dangerous situation that this site could have on there lives and property.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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