Eriba Caravan For Sale

If you are looking for a modern caravan with a cute retro appeal, which can be towed by literally any car, this wonderful little Eriba Puck is the caravan for you.  This example of the popular Eriba Puck is in very good condition.  Having been well-cared-for by its current and previous owners.

Eriba caravans have been around for over 50 years, during which time their steel frame construction, aerodynamic shape and ‘pop-up’ elevating roofs basically haven’t changed, which is proof that a combination of great design work and engineering can withstand the test of time. Eribas always hold their price on the secondhand caravan market due to their ‘classic’ status, durability and desirability, Eribas are a very sound investment and, as the Puck model is no longer manufactured, secondhand prices for this particular model are actually now rising.

Eriba caravans are instantly recognisable and always create lots of interest from passers-by.  On the outside, the Eribas’ bow-shaped front end, its rounded corners, and low height have helped to give it a huge following but the beauty of these caravans is not just in their looks.  These amazing and popular little caravans are equally as popular for their exceptional build quality, clever engineering and surprisingly spacious feel.  When you enter an Eriba, ‘raising the roof’ takes on a new meaning – the elevating roof takes only seconds and transforms the feeling of space inside the caravan, providing full standing height. Their low height means that Eribas take up very little room on a drveway and can be kept under a car port or tucked up safely in a standard domestic garage.

Utilising an entirely different construction to convention caravans, the Eriba is built around an aircraft-like steel frame, with aluminium panels and steel banding to which the interior units are fixed.  The Al-KO chassis is galvanised.  This results in a high-quality, well-engineered, well-insulated caravan which is attractive, eye-catching and built to last.

The ‘pop top’ elevating roof is very quick and easy to operate, with 4 toggle catches to release and then the roof lifts up on springs in one easy movement to provide full standing height headroom.  Inside the Eriba Puck, there are full length bench seats, which can be used as two single beds or converted into a comfortable 187cm x 155cm double bed.  There is ample storage beneath the lift-up seats.  There is a good-sized table which sits between the seats for mealtimes.  There is additional storage in the wardrobe provided, which also has a locker beneath.  At the front of the Eriba there is a kitchen workstation which has a 2 burner hob, and a stainless steel sink, as well as an Electrolux 3 way fridge.  There is an additional cutlery drawer and another storage locker, for food, pots and pans etc.

This Eriba Puck comes with lots of extras including a Kampa Air awning and breathable awning carpet, 230v hook up cable, wheel clamp, and a hitch lock, making this Eriba excellent value for money.

This little Eriba Puck will be fully valeted, serviced and damp-checked by an indepndent specialist workshop, ensuring peace of mind for a new owner.  It will be ready to hitch up and take away on its next exciting caravanning holiday by its proud new owner!

Please note that this Eriba pre-dates the Cris registration process but a new owner can choose to register the caravan on the Cris scheme if required.

A Brief Eriba Caravan Buyer’s Guide

In 1957, Eriba introduced its first caravan, the Ur-Troll; since that time, the company has expanded to a full line of recreational vehicles branded as Eriba, Hymer, and Hymercar. The manufacturer developed winterproofing for its caravans to ensure their use year-round. eBay offers numerous designs including the Eriba Triton for sale and the Eriba Touring GT for sale.

Why choose a caravan over an RV?

While both Eriba caravans and RVs house you while you’re on the road, a caravan makes it simpler to take your auto with you since you tow it with your auto. An RV requires you to drive it: An RV typically does not have a towing rig, so if you want to have a separate vehicle with you, you need to drive it separately, which means purchasing petrol for two vehicles. The two types of mobile housing both contain kitchens, toilets, sleeping space, and a dining area.

What factors determine which Eriba caravan for sale to purchase?

Think about the following before deciding which Eriba caravan suits you.

  • Weight and size: Your current vehicle determines the weight of a caravan you can purchase. That is because each vehicle has a manufacturer’s towing limit, the maximum amount of weight the car can haul.
  • Driver’s licence: Check your licence class because some jurisdictions limit the maximum vehicle and towing weight of driver’s license class. Ideally, your fully loaded caravan should not exceed 85% of the auto’s kerb weight, which will vary by vehicle. You can choose from a number of different sizes among the Eriba caravans for sale, from compact caravans to luxury liners. Size depends on weight though, as larger caravans weigh more.
  • Destination: Consider your travel destinations, too, when pursuing the caravans from Eriba for sale. Ferry companies charge by trailer length in the Scottish Isles and abroad off the coast of Europe’s mainland. Rural roads in the UK may better accommodate smaller caravans.
  • Parking options: Where to park at home matters, too. Consider your available space for parking and storing your caravan.
  • Interior layout: The number of people it needs to sleep provides one determining factor. Also, decide if you want fixed beds or a converter bed that during the day provides a sleeping area. In regards to the washroom, do you prefer to shower in the caravan or at the campsite? Choose from a large end washroom at caravan’s rear, a smaller one in the rear corner, or one that sits in the centre to one side.

Storage Types Available Eriba caravans offer three different types of storage. You may choose from:

  • External side lockers
  • Internal storage
  • Roof-top rack storage

Some units offer more than one type of storage. External side lockers are good for storing items you need less frequently or use outdoors. A roof-top rack provides ample space for transporting larger items like bicycles. Internal storage works best for daily needs such as dishes, clothes, and first aid items.