Spring 2021 around the corner?

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There has been a discussion around the removal of brambles after work began December 2020. There have been differing opinions on not only the way the brambles were removed but also what was the primary reason for the Nature Reserve.

Should the reserve be managed solely as a woodland that allows for the flora or fauna  (by definition, fauna is a group of indigenous animals of any geographical region)?

  • Should the reserve be left alone allowing it to go through the process of natural development?

There are of course very good reasons to support each of these views .

Please leave a comment of either or none of the above views.

2 Replies to “Spring 2021 around the corner?

  1. Those two “options” are the same… leave it alone and it would eventually become woodland. However, we have a fair amount of scrub/ woodland habitat in Worcester, and it is not only woodland that is valuable for wildlife. The species (both plant and animal) that make Cherry Orchard special, and not just any other patch of green space, rely on open grassland in a balance with scrub and bramble. Letting the whole site become woodland would mean the loss of slowworms, green woodpeckers, pyramidal orchids, voles, and a number of butterflies which rely on the grassland habitat. I think what is key is that the management of the site is determined by taking advice from those qualified in Ecology and Conservation Management. There is a management plan for every local nature reserve in Worcester, which will have been written by/ with professional ecologists, taking into account local and national priority species and habitats. If the council are following this, then they are doing the best thing they can for wildlife in Worcester. Operational and financing difficulties might affect how much can actually be achieved, but shouldn’t change the intended end result.

  2. Well,the reason the nature reserve has become so overgrown with bramble’s is essentially because of the austerity cuts,when the excellent Ranger team was disbanded.Before then,we had regular bramble bashes involving our community volunteers along with the Rangers who supplied all the tools to do the job,and spuds to bung on the bonfire at the end of a long morning.
    Bring back those Rangers as consultants…..they know what they are doing…..councillors with the best intentions,don,t.

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