Mangled Fence

Mangled fence

I would be surprised if the damaged done to the Cherry Orchard Nature Reserve fence on Waverley Street  has not already been reported;  fairly sure also that the Worcester City Council  would have been very busy managing the floods and Covid-19 and not had the time to get round to fixing this. However, I thought it might be an idea to post this as a reminder for the future.

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  1. Hi thanks for responding it would be great to talk I’m on 07543905205 please give me a call.


  2. Hi I’ve reported the fence to the Council so fingers crossed they will mend it. Can I ask who maintains this website as I’m involved with Friends of Diglis Fields and have just stumbled across this site. Thanks

    1. Hi Tony, thanks for reporting the mangled fence to the Worcester City Council, as you say fingers crossed.

      It was the team who dug out the S106 monies and lobbied the City Council to spend it on improving the diglis fields and nature reserve. There’s supposed to be more money available soon for training stations dotted around the fields and hopefully a mat path round the nature reserve for wheel chair users. Other projects in the pipeline are restoring the Withy Beds and getting the river bank restored so it will become a pleasure to use once more.
      If these are the sort of things your group might like get involved with please reply below.

      Apart from that we would be willing to open up the forum once more where all can post their views and feelings.
      Thanks for posting.

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