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October 27th 2018

The City Council, in their debatable wisdom, have closed the skip that was open on the 3rd Saturday of each month. The residents and others have found this amenity invaluable over the years and closing it down will no doubt have repercussions by the increased amount of fly tipping that will inevitably add to the already growing problem throughout Worcestershire.

The City Council have once before tried to close the skip, but pressure from residents and Cllr. Lynn Denham with other protesters, made them back down. Unfortunately the eye was taken off the ball when the Friends of Diglis Fields assumed the role of guardians for the fields including the skip area allowing the City Council to finally close it down.

There were promises that the skip area would be a small overflow car park for the Diglis fields but that on the third Saturday in the month the skip would continue. This promise seems to have been broken leaving the Diglis residents with nowhere to get rid of rubbish that cannot be taken by the usual refuse collectors.

It now seems that there is a review in progress following concerns about health and safety! Click here for the official version.

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My name is Louis Stephen and I’m the city councillor for Battenhall ward which covers Waverley St where the Saturday morning skip is based. Local residents have told me how much they value this service and I have taken it up with the council management team. I understand this suspension is only temporary. I am also keen to see the service returned. Without it we will see more fly tipping. One thing that must be said is that most of the stuff that goes into the Saturday morning skips is not recycled so if you have a car it is generally better to take rubbish to the recycling centres like the one on Bilford Road even if it does seem a bit of a pain getting there.
I am chasing up a date for when this service will be resumed. All the best.

Any updates on the skip coming back? Having recently moved to the area feel let down at having to drive to the other end of Worcester to use skip. It did reduce rubbish in the area and kept it tidy according to people who I have spoken with. People are more aware about recycling now so lets keep the area tidy and get the skip back?

Your Green councillor forgets to mention that ALL the waste goes to landfill.
That’s your Green councillor sending recyclable waste to landfill.
Let that sink in.

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