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Have the illegal campers gone?


September 6th 2018

A few days ago a local resident and dog walker saw the illegal campers leaving Cherry Orchard Nature reserve with their tent and rucksacks, approx seven or eight of them. They were camped near Duck Brook; the others who were camped near the model train field seem to have gone also.

We will keep an eye out and if they return then we shall go through the whole procedure again; we shouldn’t have to put up with having our local Queen Elizabeth II protected reserve ruined by these people.


One reply on “Have the illegal campers gone?

Don’t be so sure! You will not get rid of these people as easily as you think you might, the City Council are not bothered about giving them shelter so they are left where they are as long as they are out of sight from the general public. If they set up their tents in the middle of the high street they would soon be moved on.
So get used to them burning the trees of the nature reserve and using it as a lavatory.

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